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Learning Systems

A recent post of Craig Weiss proposed to go away from the term of an LMS towards the broader term of a Learning System, which he proposes to structure as follows, including his personally top ranked providers:

  • LMS
    • Top5: eLogicLearning, Limos, GrowthEngineer, Unicorn, CrossKnowledge
    • LCMS
    • Learning Platforms
      • Video Learning Platforms
      • Game-Based Learning Systems
      • Knowledge Management Platforms
      • Social Learning Platforms
  • Learning Engagement Platforms
    •  Top3: LearnAmp, Degreed, Pathgather
  • Sales Enablement Platforms
    • Top2: MindTickle, QStream
  • Knowledge Reinforcement Tools
    • Top: Minds-I (Unicorn)

To follow the ‘old’ understanding of an LMS, he just published his 2018 top 10 ranks for LMS, which include some surprising systems:

  1. eLogicLearning
  2. Limos (now acquired by SAP)
  3. GrowthEngineer
  4. Unicorn LMS
  5. CrossKnowledge
  6. Docebo
  7. Thought Industries
  8. LearnAmp
  9. SumTotal Learn
  10. Cornerstone

Some of the usual suspects in the LMS scene find themselves only in lower ranks of his top50, so it is worth to look at the criteria and their push of UX/UI as a main element.

Independently, it seems to be wise to form the new umbrella of #LearningSystems instead of what we have today. Thanks, Craig!

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