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Trends in the Leadership Development Practice

Nick Petrie from the Center of Creative Leadership has made another contribution to leadership development. While he made a fantastic effort to introduce developmental stages to the broader public (which he calls vertical development), he has now interviewed some 30 leadership experts worldwide to identify True North in this field.

From the valuable interactions, he found two major principles

  1. It’s about Mindsets not Skillsets
  2. Get more Focused in Leadership Development: focus on what really works

Reviewing the methods mentioned in the interviews, he generates three clusters (with the respective approaches he got in contact with):

  • Get in touch with diverse alternatives (Colliding Perspectives)
    1. Replace Action Learning by a peer coaching group of different backgrounds
    2. Walk a day in the shoes of your customer
    3. Learn to listen deeper for content, for emotions, for values
    4. Learn to hold two opposing ideas in your mind
    5. Experience the systemic perspective
  • Put yourself into a new and complex situation (Heat Experiences)
    1. Give assignments to the least qualified person  (to grow most)
    2. Experiment and Learn from the “Case in Point” method
    3. Fail at complex assignments rather than succeed at simple ones
  • Build a new mindset while reflecting with some other person (New Map Making)


So, nothing more now than to adapt and make change happen!